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Acer’s clear.fi Photo program enables users to manage photos captured from their mobile devices and digital cameras. The software allows users to create photo albums and store these in their AcerCloud PC. AcerCloud is a PC cloud storage technology that utilizes the user’s PC storage capacity, which means that their cloud storage size is dependent on their PC storage capacity.

With photos managed through clear.fi Photo, the user is able to access their albums from any device with Internet connection capability. Users may push copies of their photos to their mobile devices connected to AcerCloud. They may also utilize the program from their mobile devices for downloading photos. Units that are compatible with the program are any type of device that runs on Windows, iOS and Android.

Before clear.fi Photo can be utilized from any device, the user needs to assign a Cloud PC first; and to do this, AcerCloud needs to be installed on the designated Cloud PC. Once the cloud program has been installed, users will be required to create a Cloud account, wherein they will assign a user ID. The user ID allows them to connect to the AcerCloud service.

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