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HiPlayer is a software program that installs a media player on a Windows-enabled PC. Published by Hi-Inc. the program is able to play popular media formats, and enables the user to download audio and video files from the Internet simultaneous with playing media files. This means that the user can listen to music or watch videos even while utilizing the player to run other media files.

The player provides a download manager, which allows the user to monitor files being downloaded directly from the player’s user interface. The software’s main function is to enable the user to play a variety of video files. A list of recently-viewed videos is provided to the user, to allow them to see which videos were recently accessed through the player.

During installation, the user is given the option to select components they wish to install, specifically, media formats generally associated with specific media archives such as Windows Media, REAL Media, MPEG Media, and FLASH Media. Component options also include other media files, caption file, and seed file.

Custom install options are likewise provided, i.e. create shortcut desktop, create quick launch bar shortcut, and auto run.

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