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The Bing Desktop is a homepage version of the popular search engine Bing, bringing its familiarity and ease of use to the entire computer desktop function. It also integrates the Bing search tool into the homepage. With these, search workflow is streamlined and made faster and easier without having to click on and using a browser.

Aside from this, users of the Bing Desktop will have the convenience of automatically updating their home page images from the Windows desktop background utility from their Windows operating system. Desktop themes and images can be updated daily, with a direct link from all the photos and images from the most current Windows library.

This homepage application opens up to a simple and user-friendly interface right after the computer starts. A URL field is located atop the desktop, while six simple function bars can launch any browser-related activity. These include the Web for browsing, Images for accessing online photo galleries, News for standard news and features, and the MSN and Hotmail function bars that lead the users directly to their search engine and email accounts. The function allows the users to perform all other computer-related tasks from the homepage.

It is created by Microsoft, developer of the Bing search engine and is appended in the installation process of all Microsoft software products. It is also available for free download. Its extension file name is BingdesktopSetup.exe and covers a file size of 1.4MB.

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