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"MAGIX MP3 deluxe 19 – MP3 Software"

The MAGIX MP3 Deluxe MX program is a full music management suite that lets users compile, organize, play, import, and burn their audio files. While the name does suggest that the program is primarily for MP3 playback, usage and conversion, the software actually supports other audio file formats and is capable of converting files into the OGG format, the WAV format, and more.

It is also capable of reading track information for search and sort purposes and allows users editing power (automated and manual) over track metadata. Furthermore, users with duplicate songs can set the software to search for duplicates so that they can delete the superfluous copies taking up space on their systems. An unusual feature is the ability to sort tracks according to technical similarity: the program evaluates their arrangements, and then puts similar-sounding tracks next to each other for a smooth playlist.

The program allows users access to unique play views like the 3D music universe and muffin Vision. It also lets users create customized CD labels for discs they burn. Moreover, essential audio editing tools are included in the software to help uses ensure high quality in their collections.

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