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"ContaNet :: Software Contable"

ContaNet is an accounting application, released in 4 different versions to meet the different needs of the accounting sector. Primarily used for businesses, ContaNet’s two main features are its simplified, intelligent recordkeeping and its capability to track payments for employees. ContaNet claims that its software streamlines accounting to be more practical, intuitive, and easy, and the interface of the program and its main tools are designed around this philosophy. The full version of ContaNet has no limitations on the number of records or companies that can be entered into it.

ContaNet also takes into consideration VAT and IGIC in its computations, allowing users to simply switch it on and calculate for them, to reflect a more accurate representation of their records. It also analyzes the budget and cost, and can also handle bank accounting information and portfolio, and can reconcile records on the computer with those on the bank account it is linked to; ContaNet can be used in this manner to import Q43 and SEPA format, and manage payments and remittances.

ContaNet also offers on-the-move synchronization by backing data into their cloud service. ContaNet is in Spanish, offering no other language option.

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