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Content Service Console is an application that installs with Autodesk AutoCAD. The application works in conjunction with Content Explorer, also an application that is included in AutoCAD. Content Service Console keeps track of all watched folders that are included in Content Explorer. Content Service indexes these folders, and updates attached metadata whenever changes occur.

The updated indices allow the user to quickly search for files in Content Explorer. The user may customize searches, to enable them to narrow down search results for quicker file access. The application may be installed for private or public use. Private use means that the application is installed and utilized only on the computer where the AutoCAD software is installed.

To make Content Service Console public, the user will have to install the app to a network machine. The network machine does not need to be installed with the AutoCAD software. When the app is made public, end-users will be able to access watched folders, and network administrators will be able to maintain the watched folders, from a network machine.

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