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Basketball Platinium is a program that is part of the TurboStats software suite for basketball statistics. In particular, the software is one of the versions of the TurboStat Evolution for Basketball software. There are actually four versions of the software; with the other three being the Complete version, Live version, and ProSeries version.

The Platinum version provides the complete package. This means that all features of the programs are integrated into the Platinum edition. The most basic version is the Complete edition, while the most advanced is the Platinum version.

With the Platinum version, users are provided with per minute statistics, player combination reports, scouting breakdown by: plays and options, defense, and point guard; color-coded shot chart for Time Out, 2nd chance, transition baskets, and last second shots; and contested vs. uncontested shots.

The basic features of the software, which are provided in all versions, include court layout and lineup cards, career stats, leader reports, short charting, practice planner, standard game per statistics, standard made or missed shot charts, and advanced individual metrics.

The software is able to run on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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