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"Firehand Ember"

Firehand Ember Max is a software program developed by Matthew Warren Smith and distributed by Firehand Technologies Corporation. The program basically functions as an image viewer for Windows users. The software also functions as an image editor, providing the user with an array of editing tools that enable them to touch-up photos.

The software displays thumbnails of the images on the fly, which generally means that the thumbnails are not stored on the system’s local drives. Users can click on a thumbnail to display it in normal view. When the viewing window is closed, the user is reverted back to the browser window where all other thumbnails are displayed.

Firehand Ember Max provides the user with basic photo touch-up tools that allow then to apply certain editing effects to enhance their appearance. Red eye removal, spot removal, tone adjustment, color adjustment, and increasing or decreasing sharpness are also some of the editing features of the software. Cropping, image rotation and resizing are likewise featured in the program.

Firehand Ember Max is distributed as freeware and can be downloaded from third-party affiliates.

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