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Accent Special Edition is a multilingual word processor developed by Accent Software International Ltd. The software allows the user to input texts and create documents in several languages including English, Hebrew, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, and other European languages.

The software includes a spell checker, a thesaurus and the Berlitz Interpreter dictionary. Switchable menus, keyboard shortcuts and layouts, and more than 75 TrueType fonts are likewise features of the software. The program utilizes 5 alphabets: East European, West European, Cyrillic, Greek and Turkish. For the menu, users can change the language as well. There are eight menu languages in all, which are the following: Finnish, English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

A light version is also available, Accent Express. The software also includes all the language features available in Accent Special Edition. The differences between the two are that Accent Special Edition also provides the user with style sheets, a word counter, print merging, and document filters.

The software is compatible with Windows operating systems. Both versions are offered for purchase only.

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