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VCE Manage is a program that is included in the Visual CertExam Suite. The suite provides the user with programs that will help exam-takers prepare for a certificate examination. The user is provided with a test simulation which the users can utilize to prepare for the actual exam.

With the software, the user is able to create their own test simulations, and then edit as necessary. These functions are provided with the Visual CertExam Designer, one of two programs included in the suite. The other program is the VCE Manager. With the Manager program, the user is able to classify or categorize the tests created through the Designer program, so these can be ready for use by the examinees.

When VCE Manager is launched, a window opens where all the designed exams are listed. Here, the user can add or delete tests; as well as start the test. When Exam Mode is on, the user is provided with a field for inputting the examinee’s name, select the test to be taken, specific which sections of the test will be taken, and automate the program to allow the examinee to re-take test questions that they were unable to answer correctly.

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