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SEERStat is a software program developed by Information Managements Services, Inc. for the US National Cancer Institute. The software was developed to provide users with a program for viewing cancer-related data collected through the SEER Program (Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results), which is a program for collecting and publishing cancer incidence and prevalence, as well as cancer survival data.

SEERStat allows the user to view SEER databases. The software provides the user with several applications for analyzing data: Session, Dictionary, Selection Statements and Results Matrix. The Session app allows the user to set analysis parameters such as specific data that the user will analyze and the statistics that will be calculated.

The Dictionary app provides the user with variables that are unique to the SEER database. Variables in the dictionary are utilized for data analysis. Selection Statements on the other hand, are utilized to specify the criteria for the Selection tab, and specific groupings for merged variables. The Results Matrix app displays the results of the analysis.

The software provides the user with a multiple document interface, which allows them to run several sessions simultaneously.

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