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ANCILE uPerform Client is an authoring and content management software designed to deliver high-quality content to employees. Generally, it is used to create, edit, and publish procedures, task simulations, and eLearning courses; these are then delivered to the desired workforce.

ANCILE uPerform has many features: it has a rapid recorder that stores procedural information along with notes and audio; the software has language translation supporting 30 languages; it has an eLearning editor that creates SCORM- and AICC conformant HTML eLearning; it also able to pass down information in one recording pass; experts in the workforce can also use the software to publish eLearning content and pass to the rest of the workforce; simultaneous editing from different members can also be enabled for collaborative work; customizable dashboards; and finally real-time tracking and reporting.

Versions of the software, up to version 5.0 has added features such as assigning task with an email, further modification on content tasks, view tasks and reports via ANCILE uPerform server, add notes and recordings during and compete tasks using one button, enable SMEs and regional experts with the rapid recorder, and many others.

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