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"SolveIT!, Over 40 Financial Calculators, v6.1"

The SolveIT!, Financial Calculator is a computing software that is easy to use and does not need any programming . This software has an extensive help system which includes step by step guides and plenty of tutorials. Generally, the calculators are divided in eight groups depending on functionality; General Business Calculators, Finance Calculators, Financial Advisers, Investment Calculators, Financial Schedules and Cash Flow, Matrix Calculators, Loan and Debt Calculators and Depreciation Calculators.

This software’s General Business Calculator calculates mark ups and discounts and simple interest between random dates while Financial Schedules and Cash Flows increase the loan payment schedule and helps paying off the US National debt and shows the Time Value of Money or .TVM. On the other hand Loan and Debt Calculators increases auto loans with down payments and trade-ins while also increasing the benefits of making an extra principal payment.

Moreover, Matrix Calculators are subdivided in 3 divisions; the Future Value Matrix Calculator, Annuity Matrix Calculator and loan Matrix Calculator while Depreciation Calculators has the Straight Line Depreciation Calculator and Sum-of-Years Calculator. The SolveIT! tested well on Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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