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"Løsninger for dokumentskanning | PixEdit®"

PixEdit is a software used for document capture, image processing, OCR and digital archiving. It supports PDF and other types of file formats. PixEdit can be used with any type of document scanner, including TWAIN-scanners, network scanners and multifunction printers. It is a standalone program, but can be integrated with Document Management Systems to deliver files and store them in their databases.

PixEdit can scan through 1000 pages in a day, and automatically removes black borders and straightens skewed pages. It recognizes text with OCR, making the documents searchable, optimizing to save storage space. PixEdit can automate the scanning and the workflow, so the company and organization’s work capacity can be used for other important tasks. It features advanced automatic document cleanup tools. It evaluates each page and decides if it should be stored as a black and white or full-colored pages. PixEdit supports more than 100 raster file formats.

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