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WaveLab Elements is a music authoring program developed by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. The software allows users to edit audio tracks and apply mastering effects to 2 audio tracks at a time.

The software provides various features for audio mixing, editing and mastering such as VST3 effects plug-ins, WaveLab plug-ins, tools for audio analysis and correction, marker tools, Time Stretch and Pitch Correct tools, spectroscope meter, oscilloscope meter, UV meter, restoration plug-ins, an audio file browser, and tools for creating podcasts. Additional analysis tools also included with the software are Global Audio Analysis and 3D Spectrum Analysis. Global Audio Analysis allows the user to analyze audio peaks, i.e. samples with high decibel levels; as well as analyze loudness and pitch. It is integrated with an error checker, enabling the user to identify glitches in edited audio files.

The software is likewise integrated with a burning engine, to allow the user to make copies of their music projects in optical disc format.

WaveLab Elements is a cross-platform software program that runs on Windows PCs and Mac machines.

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