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Tinn-R Editor primarily functions as a basic code editor that is provided by Rgui. The development of this project is spearheaded by Jose Claudio Faria although users and developers are also welcome to improve its overall functionality.

Tinn-R Editor is also equipped with several functionalities and features and one of which is its ability to highlight syntax. Said highlighting can be performed based on the type of files used. This software is also used manage and generate several related projects that support Latex. With the use of this code editor, communications with Term and Rgui environments can be established. The editor can be used to submit instructions, manage, as well as receive interpretations.

Tinn-R Editor is also developed to allow users make use of blocks and line bookmarks. Files of unpredictable lengths and complexity can also be handled with this editor. It is also developed to support and disable Macro depending on the file being worked on. Working on multiple documents or files is also possible with the software. It is built with an MDI, short for Multiple Document Interface, and is also capable of using TDIs or Tabbed Document Interface.

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