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AspenLaw Studydesk Application is related to the software AspenLaw Studydesk, which installs a program on Windows computers that serves as a study tool for law students, providing them with various utilities for managing their class notes, case briefs, and other class materials.

The software includes a set of templates that can help the user organize their files, as well as turn their notes into quizzes that can help them study for exams. The toolbar on the user interface provides the user with buttons for launching specific tasks. Toolbar buttons include the following: New Brief, New Note, New Source, New Statute, New Outline, Flashcards & Quizzes, Legal Concepts Index, New Course, New Project and New Folder.

Directly under the toolbar, on the right side of interface is the Navigation tab. Under the Navigation tab, users are provided with two options: Items and Legal Concepts. Under Items, the following options are displayed: My Items, Study Aids, My Outlines, My Flashcards & Quizzes, Folders, Research Projects, and Searches.

Window panes on the user interface, as well as the View option are fully customizable. Users can adjust the size of the window panes, and hide or display some of the items on the interface.

AspenLaw Studydesk is compatible with Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista (Home Basic, Premium and Ultimate).

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