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INSITE is a software application available on PCs, which enables users to access information about their engine’s electronic performance. This software was developed by Cummins, Inc. With the use of INSITE, users can diagnose and limit the downtime while enhancing productivity and profit.

Cummins INSITE Software allows users to get details about any Cummins electronic engine with the support engine information. Several programs are provided for full detail applications. First, the users can have access to the trip and vehicle information, parameter and future adjustment, complete wiring diagrams and sensor location maps, and engine diagnostic test. Aside from that, tools to create templates for a group of vehicles are also made available, among others.

This software is applicable to Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. A certain Cummins INSITE version however do not apply to all the operating systems. For example, the version INSITE 7.6.0 is not supported by INSITE when the user is using Windows Vista and Windows 7. It can be installed but can no longer receive support from the software. Otherwise, users are advised to upgrade their operating systems to Windows 7. There are also other versions applicable on the OS mentioned above like INSITE v7.6.1, INSITE v7.6.1 Service Pack 3, INSITE v7.6.1. Service Pack 4, and INSITE v7.6.2.

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