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"Data Harvest - Home"

The EasySense Software is the program that Data Harvest intended for use with its EasySense portable data logging devices—which were essentially the interfaces for the system. The software was designed for Microsoft Windows systems running Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 SP3, Windows ME, or Windows XP. It also required the Microsoft NET Framework 2 and Windows Installer 3.1.

The program made allowances for differing user familiarity levels with data analysis software: for instance, it allowed the selection of user level (the available levels were named Start, Mid and Exam). Higher user levels translated to higher complexity in home page toolbars and functions displayed in the program’s interface after initial setup. The essential windows were the EasyLog, which set the graph on continuous recording duty for the applicable sensor; the Meters window, which helped users get familiar with the sensors; the Snapshot window function, which allowed manual sampling through the Graph displays; the Graph window, which allowed recording of sensor data over a limited time period and in timeline form; the Scope window; and the Timing window.

The software basically allowed collection, analysis, experimentation, deletion and merging of data for various purposes.

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