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"Gephi - The Open Graph Viz Platform"

Gephi is a network analysis and graph visualization utility that provides a comprehensive visual aid to understanding raw data. “Like Photoshop for data”, according to its developers, Gephi allows its users to interact with the visual representation of data in an easily-understood manner, and even manipulate the graph’s objects, colors, and shapes (which may represent data and how they’re related to each other) to find properties and associations with the whole picture or with one another. Using this tool, data analysts can hypothesize and discover patterns, or reveal discrepancies or faults in a data source. Gephi is used to complement traditional statistical science and is categorized under the field of exploratory data analysis, which is itself part of the visual analytics research field.

Gephi is written in Java on the NetBeans platform and is an open source application, first developed by the students of UTC in France. Gephi was famously used in analyzing the Twitter network traffic or the prevalence of Twitter usage during social unrest, notably during the Arab Spring, while Gephi has been used in mainstream circles to analyze things like stocks and news. The Gephi Consortium develops new versions of Gephi, based in France.

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