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The DX Studio Player is an integrated development environment for creating 3D graphics. This program contains both a real-time 3D engine, as well as a suite of editing tools. With DX Studio Player, the user can build real-time interactive applications, simulations or games. It can be either for standalone use, or for embedding in other Microsoft applications. The DX Studio Player system includes both 2D and 3D layout editors. It also allows JavaScript control of scenes, objects, and media in real time.

The DX Studio 2D and 3D editors are used to build layers and sequences, which can be combined to produce interactive documents. The top level editor can be used to drag and drop scenes together at high levels, or drilled down to edit 2D and 3D scenes. Users can drill down further in every scene to edit individual textures, backgrounds, and sounds. The DX Studio Player contains a real-time editor, and a terrain system.

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