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"digiSeal® reader – Free software for verifying signed documents and for encryption and decryption – secrypt GmbH"

digiSeal reader is a platform that is used to verify signatures affixed unto digital documents. This software is basically used for document verification and comes in 3 different versions. The software is primarily used for ensuring compliance with legal business procedures.

After a document has been signed, a specimen is sent via any e-mailing platform. The signature is then checked and verified with the software and an authenticity report is provided. digiSeal reader is usually used for contracts, construction plans, survey reports, and invoices. Signatures can also be verified at a local center. Verification can also be performed using standard formats for signature such as PDF embedded (PDF/A), 2D barcode, and EDI.

digiSeal reader also ensures users of interoperability as it complies with international standards. The user may also use PDF/A and XML formats for verification of signature. Documents can be encrypted and decrypted using this software. All signatures are also discarded after verification so as to ensure security and protection of data. Users of the software are also required to make use of an identification code so as to ensure confidentiality. The software is compatible with Windows-based systems such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Me.

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