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KOMPAS-3D is a flexible 3D modeling system that allows the user to create models by several methods, including the following ones: Bottom up modeling using finished components, top-down modeling by designing components to match specific designs, modeling based on layout drawings, such as kinematic diagrams, or simply any combination of these modeling methods. These approaches allow the user to create editable associative models easily. The KOMPAS system has functions for managing project of sub-assemblies, parts, and standard library products. It also supports all the capabilities of 3D solids and surface modeling that have become the standard medium-level CAD or CAM programs.

It has an intuitive creation of new geometry, as well as importing and manipulation of services. It has associative settings for element parameters. Boolean operators for generating atypically shaped elements. Functions include union, intersection, and subtraction. KOMPAS-3D has an advanced surface and shape modeling for designing complex, ergonomic and easy-to-use industrial products. Functions include point grids, by network of curves, ruled surfaces, extrusions, lofted surfaces, swept surfaces, and revolutions. It has construction of auxiliary lines, planes, and spatial curves, which include broken lines, splines, and spirals.

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