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Cubase VST/32 was one of the earlier versions of Steinberg’s widely-known digital audio workstation. The VST versions of Cubase were released during the time that Windows 98 was still the primary version of Windows found in PCs, so the program was designed for Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000 operating systems. It was supplied with an equivalent Mac version for those on Apple computers.

Cubase VST/32 had much the same core capabilities as its successors: it had a virtual sound recorder and mixer, multi-channel audio editing, and automation tools. VST/32 had multiple editing controls, from a Wave Editor to an Audio Editor; there were also Key, Score, Drum and Event Editors. Of course, users also had the option to add different VST instrument plug-ins for the software.

Cubase VST/32 was basically music production software with the capacity to output studio-quality sound. It was used by both professionals and amateurs in the music industry. The program was eventually replaced by a newer, more powerful version of Cubase, however, which was Cubase SX. Cubase SX was designed for Windows XP, which also succeeded the Windows systems’ Cubase VST/32 was designed to run on.

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