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The Ant Movie Catalog is so called because of its creator, called Antoine Potten, and his work that started the project in 2000, although the torch has been passed to another developer since 2011. Ant Movie Catalog is, which is obvious from the name itself, is an application used to categorize and sort a large collection of movies from any source, such as removable media, optical discs (CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs), local hard disks, and so on. The Ant Movie Catalog was designed to be as lightweight as possible; its installer, for example, is only 4.3 MB, which can be downloaded in several seconds. The installation includes several extras, such as additional languages, scripts, HTML export templates, and so on, but since these are add-ons the user can instead choose not to include it in the installation for an even lighter resource footprint.

The interface is also simple to figure out, with a menu and toolbar containing the core functions at the top, a left pane for the movies, and a right pane for entering information on a selected film. The Ant Movie Catalog supports scripts to automate several tasks, such as inputting the same data on a specific field for movies. The Ant Movie Catalog allows the import of existing movie catalogs, or to save the catalog (export).

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