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"RadPHP XE2 Overview"

Embarcadero RadPHP XE2 is software that provides the user with an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows for the development of PHP applications via the drag and drop method, where the user is able to get a visual of the design on the IDE. The IDE also allows the user to create HTM pages.

In other words, the software is generally utilized by developers for the creation of applications for the Web. Developers are also enabled to create apps for social media sites, and also for the mobile platform.

For development of PHP apps for the Web, the software provides the user with various tools such as a source code editor, and a code debugger. The software also features a Project Manager, for organizing all elements of a project in progress; Project Options, which allow the developer to choose script parameters; and IDE Insight, which is a tool for instant execution of commands on the IDE. In addition, the software allows the developer to open two or more IDEs at the same time.

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