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Banana Accounting is a bookkeeping program designed for different user types, hence its inclusion of a wide selection of accounting templates that can meet varied user needs. For instance, the program provides appropriate bookkeeping templates for self-employed users, for non-profit organizations, for small companies, and so on. As the program has several localizations, users can also get templates appropriate for their precise location, e.g. Swiss users can choose from 3 continental languages and English for their templates and also get templates following the PME model. Some of its templates also incorporate VAT and tax forms. Furthermore, multiple currency options are available.

The software gives users basic reporting utilities for data presentation. Users can even export all their data as PDF documents to keep as backup or quick reference files. It is able to import e-banking data so users do not need to perform manual data entry for their accounts all the time.

The program is supplied in Mac, Linux and Windows editions. There is also a free demo version that has all functions and features enabled; however, the demo allows users to enter a maximum of only 70 transactions.

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