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3D Canvas is the old name for 3D Crafter, a program from Amabilis Software that can be used for 3D animation or modeling tasks. The program is available in 3 editions, with the basic program (3D Crafter Standard) being available for free. The two premium editions are Plus and Pro, with Pro being the full-featured, professional 3D graphics solution.

All three can import work in a variety of formats that include 3DS, DXF, RTG, 3DMF, COB, GEO, WRL, and OBJ. The free version can only export to the POV format, though, while the Plus can also export to 3DS, S, and X, and the Pro version can export to all the formats it can also use for importing objects. All three have 3D animation tools as well as keyframe manipulation, but the Plus and Pro models have additional modeling operations that the Standard does not have. Furthermore, only the Pro model is extensible, permits scripting, has a terrain building tool, permits photo-realism in rendering, incorporates radiosity lighting and atmospheric effects in its toolkit, and includes features for refraction, focal blur, motion blur (in animation), and more.

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