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"REINER SCT - Chipkartenleser"

REINER SCT cyberJack Base Components refer to modules that are related to firmware for cyberJack e-com smart card reader. The modules basically enable the security functions of the device, specifically when the user is making online banking transactions.

When the user inputs their PIN code, the security system integrated into the device intercepts the PIN so that this is immediately applied to the smart card, without passing through PC protocols. This means that the PIN cannot be intercepted by malicious processes that carry viruses or malware generally utilized by hackers. Apart from securing PIN codes, the program also secure digital signatures and credit card information, particularly credit card numbers.

This means that the device is not only utilize for online banking, but may also be used for making online payments. Modules integrated into the software that ships with the device also extend the functionality of the device, by allowing it to function as a biometrics security device; where the user’s fingerprint may be stored, and then recognized by the device when it is utilized as a passkey.

Lastly, base components of the program automatically update the firmware.

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