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PhotoMeister is a photo management suite that allows users to not only import cameras from a digital camera, but also to edit them using photo-enhancement tools. PhotoMeister is however only available for older versions of Windows (95, 98, 2000, and XP) only, given that most modern photo-editing software are now built into the cameras themselves, especially in the case of cameras in mobile phones that can be edited right after taking, and be shared in an instant through the Internet.

PhotoMeister is the prototypical photo editor with standard features such as the ability to sort, arrange, filter, and crop images and photos alongside its main capability of importing photos from a wide range of supported camera devices. Photos imported this way (or any photo existing in the computer) can be manipulated and improved, and can even be used to create images for web pages, blogs, inserted into e-mails or documents, or set as screensavers of wallpapers. Photo Albums can be made and exported as PDF documents, and even photo slideshows that can be burned onto removable media discs (VCDs or DVDs).

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