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"TwoNav by CompeGPS"

CompeGPS LAND is a an orientation software that allows you to navigate through location and key points for on-road and off-road travels. This software allows users to be track directions while doing outdoor activities such as biking, skiing, and hiking. As any GPS platforms, this is also widely used for driving short and long distances.

With the software, you may also opt to save your own records when hiking or geocaching. You can pre-load all other essential navigation tools such as maps and way points before going on a trip. The way points can be loaded in two formats - gpx and .*plt . It is also equipped with an alarm system that lets you know when you go off-track. For emergencies, you can consult the virtual coach or check your e-road books for information and answers. This software can also be used on mobile platforms such as Android and Apple.

Using this software also gives you access to 60 different stats to see all pertinent information from your trip that you can use for documentation and also as future reference. Data from the stat screen can also be sent via the Internet.

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