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"Edgecam | CAD CAM Software for 3D Milling, Mill-Turn Machining & Multi Axis Machining."

Developed and released by Planit Software, Edgecam is a Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) platform that is specifically used for programming NC parts. The software is equipped with up-to-date toolpath generation that is intended to be used for mill-turn machining, milling, and turning.

Edgecam lets users control the CAM process with the use of pre-integrated automated tools used for different applications. Among the applications is the Edgecam Production milling that provides users with solid geometry and wireframe for the configuration of machine tools. The machine tools controlled by the software rage from 2.5 to 5 axis machines. Another application is the Edgecam Turning that highlights multi-turret configurations.

It is also pre-integrated with associative programming tools that can be used for B-Axis, C-, and Y-Axis milling. The Edgecam 4 and % Axis is also part of the Edgecam application suite that is used to execute simultaneous milling. The Mill Turn Application features the safe utilization of steadies, tail stocks and twin turrets. Edgecam also includes the 3D Milling software that lets machinist utilize 3D cycles for fast generation of toolpaths that addresses the needs for surface as well as solid machining.

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