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Inspiration Intl is an alias for the Inspiration software, an idea-mapping, conceptualization and planning program often used as a study and comprehension aid for students of various ages. The program’s primary form for information is visual, with tools for users to create mind maps, procedural flows, conceptual networks, and many other graphic expressions of data relationships. These are encouraged for students to be able to better recall ideas, understand the way ideas connect to each other, derive conclusions from starting concepts, and more.

Users can also switch to an outline mode to transform their visualizations into more detailed, text-based notes. This can enhance the amount of data sent down in users’ diagrams as well as permit them easier execution when using the program as a brainstorming or planning vehicle for textual compositions like essays and papers.

Users can also leverage the software’s presentation-making utilities to craft publication-worthy reports or presentations. The program has the facilities to create multimedia reports and documents with video, image and even audio imports; Inspiration supports many common file formats for these media types. Users can even export their finished documents in the PDF format for easy sharing or submission.

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