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"Explzh - 多形式に対応した、圧縮解凍ソフト"

Explzh is a software that s used to generate virtual folder which has the capacity to work on FTP. It is also used to archive files on CD-ROM or any external device.

The software is also used for extracting archives with use of a generated digital signature that only the user can provide. Compression and decompression of files is also possible using this software particularly with Unicode. This program is also highly secure as it is equipped with AES encryption system allowing the user to create an encrypted ZIP archiving folder. It can support huge files even more than 4GB in size.

Explzh also utilizes tab functions for ease of use. It is capable of file editing and modifications made on the files are automatically saved. Any file can also be moved using the drag-and-drop feature of the software. New Folders are easy to create within an archive folder. Searching for documents in an archive folder is also among its functionality.

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