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"Photo Slide Show Movie Maker Software: Auto Movie Creator"

Deskshare’s Auto Movie Creator is a movie production program that allows users to take input files in any combination of media—whether they are images, audio files, video clips—and process them to create professional-quality video presentations. The program’s output formats include AVI, WMV, MPEG, DVD and QuickTime formats as well as HD quality options. It can import media in these formats as well, and can also open GIF, JPEG, VOB, ASF, M4A, AIFF, MOV, and 3GP files, among others.

The video editing tools allow video splitting (as well as an automated detection of scene breaks or splits), multiple transition effects, audio track insertion and synchronization, audio balance controls, and titling and credits tools for video text components. It is possible to record separate audio tracks for narration and then combine those with selected video clips or even images arranged in a slideshow. Users can save their finished video files on drives, create disc copies of them, or even publish them online. YouTube, Video Desk, Google Video and Yahoo! Video are all supported for online publication. Users can also optimize their videos for distribution on portable devices.

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