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"Oracle and Sun Microsystems | Strategic Acquisitions | Oracle"

Complete OFFICE Calc is the spreadsheet application included in the Complete OFFICE suite which was originally developed by the former software company called Sun Microsystems. Said Software Company has been acquired by Oracle.

Complete OFFICE Calc functions similarly to the MS Excel with slight deviation in the features. This software lets users utilize PDF format and are capable of directly writing or modifying data without opening the spreadsheet itself. The software can likewise open and save files prepared using MS Excel as the file formats are supported using the software Calc. It has the capability to also import data from the Complete OFFICE suite.

The native format of MS Excel can also be utilized as the default format for Complete OFFICE Calc. It is also capable of computing statistical and financial data that can be presented in tables or as graphs. Interactive data analysis can be employed using the software. Although the functionalities are programmed to be automated, users can still manually manipulate the document and input data. Macros can be activated or disabled depending on the preference of the user. The software may be used in different platforms using Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Mac OSX.

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