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"ELSTER: ElsterFormular"

ElsterFormular is a free tax computer program developed by MAGPIE. The program is intended for users who are filing their taxes in Germany. The software provides the user with all the tax forms that are being distributed by the tax agency in Germany. This means that whatever forms are available in tax offices, are the same ones that the user will get from the software.

With the software however, the user is provided with an online alternative for filing their taxes; doing away with physically going to the appropriate offices to submit their forms on time. Moreover, the program provides the user with instructions on how to file their taxes, specifically, on how to determine which forms are appropriate, and which incomes are mandated by law to be included in the forms.

The program is especially useful for individuals who will be filing their taxes for the first time. They will get to learn how to properly file taxes, based on their status and income, i.e. married, single, with kids, business owner, additional income earned from outside the office, income earned from work overseas, and deductible income.

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