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"2D Design V2"

Design Tools - 2D Design refers to the software 2D Design. The software was developed by TechSoft UK Limited. It provides the user with 2D CAD/CAM drawing tools including tools for line geometry and dimensioning.

Although designed to create 2D images, users are given a 3D view of their drawings. The user can also rotate their images, allowing them to view their creation from various angles. Also, the user may utilize components of their 2D designs for other design projects. What this means is that the user can utilize parts of their drawings for new 2D designs, or even for existing 2D designs which they wish to edit.

Design tools include shapes, circles, lines, as well as text tools, an eraser, and a delete utility for deleting parts of the drawing (DEL ANY). The user is also provided with color options, contour tool, a fill tool to enable the user to apply color to shapes without gaps, and a text along a path tool.

2D Design is distributed as paid software. There are license types that determine the cost of the software: single license, site license, and student license. It run on Windows operating systems (2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8).

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