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Yenka is a collection of educational software programs which allows students to build mathematical models, draw electronic circuits, learn computer programming and replicate scientific experiments. This educational software is created by the company Crocodile Clips Ltd.

Basically, the Yenka uses a unified interface to simulate the reactions in technological and scientific areas. The simulation occurs most often in 3D and the users are able to see the real time results at speeds of 0.1 xs or 10x. The Yenka is divided into four main groups namely computing, mathematics, technology and science and it has a number of products under its name. For example, the Yenka Programming which simulates logic and program flow in 3D interaction and characters while the Yenka Statistics uses coins dice, variables and coins to illustrate statistics. Moreover, the Yenka Electronics lets the user design circuit schematics and their effects using plenty of components and the Yenka Inorganic Chemistry shows how over 100 chemicals react with each other, even at the molecular level.

The Yenka software is free for home users; however, licenses are needed for the software to be used in school.

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