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"Autograph Maths - The Dynamic Classroom Software"

Generally, math teachers look for the simplest ways to teach their pupils, and at the same time, make sure that they’re interactive enough to keep them interested. Autograph is an application that enables teachers and students to easily render 2D and 3D graphs. The routines have been fine-tuned and the operation is now smoother. Image handling has also been improved. Users can now paste and drag files into Autograph, and they can now also drag images straight from Firefox web pages. There is also a new ‘Save to Web’ option.

Autograph’s activities can be easily created and saved to HTML, for use in a VLE or Wiki. Anyone who has opened such an activity for the first time in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari will automatically download the Autograph player, which is also installed for all autograph users. All of its extras have been written in Flash. Its multi-lingual interface has also been extended to 18 languages. The use of Autograph of it’s the Client systems has been enabled. Autograph is now also activated online.

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