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"Xpedition xDX Designer - Mentor Graphics"

DxDesigner is software from Mentor Graphics, developed to aid engineers in the design and creation of PCBs, or printed circuit boards. The software helps engineers in creating a layout for printed circuit boards, such as designing the arrangements of pads, contact fingers and other components of a circuit.

In other words, the PCB software program provides the user with tools for the schematic design of circuit boards, allowing them to determine board dimensions, stack layers, copper tracks and signal traces.

With DxDesigner, engineers are provided with an integrated environment to allow them to work simultaneously on the different components of a particular PCB. The program includes sophisticated graphic tools that support a wide range of printed circuit board layouts. Engineering teams are able to simultaneously edit multiple attributes of the PCB elements, allowing them to synchronize their tasks for a more efficient and effective workflow.

In addition, the software allows for design reuse, thereby reducing the costs of development, as well as saving companies precious time and effort for the development of various PCBs. The software is compatible with Windows operating systems, Windows servers, Sun Solaris 10, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5 and 6; and SuSE Linux Enterprise desktops and servers. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

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