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The Britannica Deluxe Edition CD-ROM is the predecessor of the Deluxe DVD, and because CD-ROMs have less space than a DVD (700 MB for a CD-ROM, compared to a DVD’s 4 GB and upwards) it holds much less content than its successor. A Deluxe Edition set however, either CD-ROM or DVD, have generally the same feature aside from the main encyclopedia: a dictionary (a DVD has two), a thesaurus, atlas, timelines, magazines, and interactive articles and multimedia. Britannica touts their Deluxe editions as digital replacements for their highly coveted volumes, and they charge for it accordingly.

The Deluxe CD-ROM has ceased production and the DVD edition has replaced it, packed with more content. For example, the DVD version has three separate encyclopedias, one for each age group, two dictionaries (instead of one), multiple thesauruses, and additional content like photos and video clips; the encyclopedias alone hold about 100,000 entries, plus homework tools, media tours, and more interactive articles.

A purchase of a Deluxe digital edition also gives the user a limited-time trial membership at Britannica Online or a premium service.

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