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"Features and Functions | PTC"

Mathcad Prime is a computer algebra system that is often associated with scientific and engineering calculations. It is a worksheet-oriented math program that allows users to combine any number of values and elements to produce a dynamic, automatically calculating worksheet. The interface is largely visual and direct, meaning that what you see is what you get when using the program.

The software supports the inclusion of calculable mathematics in text, which allows users to create a presentation - or report-worthy worksheets that still calculate dynamically even when surrounded by text on either side. It has a feature that lets users define variables in a process independent of the calculation order. It also allows document-ready math formatting tools. Templates can be created as well as used from the inbuilt library and users are given the option of writing their own functions for more customized use of the software.

Mathcad Prime allows integration with Excel, from which data can be imported in just a few clicks, and allows automation of symbolics. Furthermore, it offers tools for quick plotting (in a scalable 3D format) and supports user programming through standard mathematical notation.

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