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Symphonie Data Retriever is software from NRG Systems, Inc. that provides support for the company’s data logging systems. Data loggers such as SymphoniePLUS3 allow the user to record data through the use of a sensor. NRG’s data loggers are specifically design to record data relevant to the wind energy industry. The unit is left at a specific location, and collects data at intervals, generally every ten minutes.

Data recorded are stored on a MultiMedia Card (MMC). Recordings include wind speed and direction, plus the time that the data was recorded (time stamp). To be able to retrieve data recorded by the device, a compatible program needs to be installed on the computer.

The Symphonie Data Retriever is software for Windows computers that allow users to import data from the MultiMedia Card and onto the computer. Users can scale and export data, as well as create reports such as frequency distribution. Users may also create their own data filters through the software to customize reports that they will be generating based on recorded data.

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