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CSS FULL DZ is the executable file behind the video game CounterStrike. This file is installed once the game has been downloaded. The program has been designed and developed by GrCs2Ek.

The CSS FULL DZ – supported game Counter-Strike is a tactical shooter video game which is a spin-off of another tactical video game called Half-Life. The modification of the game was executed by game developers Jess Cliffe and Minh Le. After the release of the 4th version, the Counter-Strike project began to operate. IT was eventually acquired by the software company called Valve. The game itself has several versions and expanded into several releases. In 2011, the franchise has reached 25 million units.

Counter-Strike was published to be used in Microsoft Windows by early 2000 and also for Xbox. In the beginning of 2013, it was also made available in Linux ports. It is possible to play the game once it has been installed properly and the executable file CSS FULL DZ has been registered on the computer. The same file is also necessary in playing other video games – whether from authentic source or a pirated program.

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