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"LEGO.com Digital Designer Virtual Building Software"

The Lego Digital Designer is a free program developed by Lego for the purpose of allowing consumers to visualize their own unique Lego constructions. It included an extensive brick and a color library based on Lego’s actual offerings. Users were able to use those bricks and colors as the building blocks of their virtual Lego models.

The program was previously offered as the means by which users could submit product orders to the company for their Design byME service. Design byME allowed users to send in customized, fully user-authored Lego product designs that the company would then produce according to order. However, the Design byME service was shut down in 2012.

Users can still use Digital Designer—which remains available for download—in order to construct custom Lego works. The company has also updated the program to include the virtual bricks and elements necessary for visualizing MINDSTORMS series Lego models or virtual Lego robots. Users can also upload their projects made with the software to the public contributor’s gallery.

The Lego Digital Designer can be run on Mac OS X systems with version 10.6.8 or later and Windows systems running XP or later versions.

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