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"Chaos Intellect email software with complete CRM contact management"

Intellect, from Chaos Software, is a full-featured email client that is part of the Chaos Software CRM (customer relationship management) suite, which includes Time & Chaos and Chaos Free. Intellect is the complete package, as Time & Chaos have no e-mail capability and Chaos Free is a stripped-down version of Time & Chaos. Both Intellect and Time & Chaos are categorized contact management software (or contact managers).

Chaos Intellect is similar to Microsoft Outlook and to a certain degree Mozilla’s Thunderbird in that it’s primarily an email client, but with additional features, such as a calendar, planner, scheduler, and organizer, which can store notes and appointments. In addition, Intellect boasts portability in that a user can store it on a USB flash stick and transfer it to another computer without installing it (and when the stick is removed all data used in the session will be removed as well, as it stores all local data in the removable drive). The biggest feature of Chaos Intellect, however is its ability to filter e-mails only from the people a user knows or in their contact list.

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