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"EmEditor: Best text editor for Windows"

Emurasoft’s EmEditor is a text editor built for speed, high workloads, and consistent performance, boasting one of the biggest file limits for processing at 248 GB. Beyond this size, the program can still be used through its Large File Controller, which splits the document into more manageable segments. Available in both a 32-bit and faster 64-bit version, the software is customizable for users in various ways, not least of which would be through the opportunity for users to create their own plug-ins. The developer bundles several plug-ins in the program by default too, including ones for an HTML Bar and for Web Preview.

The default tabbed interface may be customized as well, and the program remembers the user’s preferences in his workspace the next time it is launched. It integrates seamlessly with external applications to allow users to test scripts or programs they may be writing. It also has full Unicode support.

The professional version of the software requires payment of a license, but there is also a free version. The free version has some of the essential features of the program, including external tool integration and multiple/vertical selections, but lacks features such as the paid version’s scriptable Macros.

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