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"hkSFV Overview/Features"

hkSFV is an application that can be used to check file integrity for all types of files with an accompanying SFV file. SFV files are repositories of CRC32 hash sums—these are figures that basically provide information that can help a user or program tell if a file (the one for which the SFV was created) has been corrupted or not. Since files can very often be corrupted during transfer or download processes, SFV files are helpful for users who need a way to check file corruption before attempting to open a file.

hkSFV is capable of checking both SFV and MD5 (another hash sum format) files for data errors. It can also create SFV and MD5 files. It has support for recursive directories and for drag and drop operations: it can also be integrated into the Windows Explorer shell. The program is capable of operating as a background application or unobtrusive checking and can be paused and resumed in the middle of verification processes should the user find it necessary to conserve system resources. Furthermore, its reporting function allows users to gather statistics on SFV checks in his system.

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