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TOK Player is a free desktop player from Korean company, EZHLD. The player has a version that is compatible with Windows 32-bit platform, and a version for the 64-bit Windows platform. TOK Player is installed with a set of codecs that enable it to play a variety of media file formats.

Users are able to play their music/audio files, as well as video clips or movies. The player provides different skins to modify its appearance. It also enables the user to hide the playlist, giving a full view of the screen. It also allows for watching movies or video clips in full screen mode.

The interface does not automatically display menu buttons. The control buttons (play, pause/stop, backward and forward) are situated at the bottom left side of the player, while the volume control is situated at the bottom right side of the player, without the playlist; and at the bottom right side of the viewing screen, if the playlist is enabled.

The program is able to play the following video formats: AVI, RealMedia, MPEG, OGM, MKV, XVID, OGG THEORA, WMV, OGM, 3GP, VCD and DVD.

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